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    How to catch a kangaroo


    AAHHH it is BOB down under

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  3. Yeah Friday

    Him: Did you know your front door is open?

    Me: Uhhh…are you the pool man, baby?

    Him: What?

    Me: Is this a porno?

    Him: I have to use the bathroom.


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  4. Another misdirected email

    Hi Sammy,

    Just a note to tell you that Uncle Fred and I are thinking of you and wishing you well at college—and to ask if this is the email address where I can send your birthday present.


    Aunt Ivy

    Hi Aunt Ivy,

    Thanks! All is well here at college so far. Hi to Uncle Fred.


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  6. Me: HEY FUCK YOU! Wait, why am I yelling at shipping rates?

    Him: Do you enjoy being angry?

    Me: Yes. Yes I do!

    Him: Carry on, then!

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  7. This is giving Florence & the Machine’s cover of “Halo” a run for its moneyz.


    Only Girl In The World (Rihanna Cover) by Ellie Goulding

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  8. Sorry, Wrong Number

    Email from Missouri area code.

    Them: I was jus tryn this 2 see if it wks

    Me: It doesn’t work.

    Them: If it didnt wk i wouldnt b talkin 2 u haaaa. So u gonna b commin home soon cuz it looks like rain n im n bed bout 2 go 2 sleep.

    Me: Nope, I’m going out for a while. I have a taste for some WHISKEY! YEEEHAW!

    Them: Ok im goin 2 sleep. Get some cids n food. Lol see ya when u get home honey. Love ya Big Daddy!!!!

    Me: Okay, when I get home, make sure you have the caterpillar suit on!

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  9. I was so close

    [15:53] <Spockers> damn you mitten.
    [15:54] <Spockers> I just had all my dice in my mouth and was trying to figure out how to grab my camera when it occured to me what I was doing.
    [15:54] <Assmitten> WOOOO
    [15:54] <Assmitten> I win
    [15:54] <Assmitten> NOw I have a little tear
    [15:54] <Spockers> Hmm, and now I’m missing my d4
    [15:55] <Spockers> I could fit way more, btw
    [15:55] <Spockers> I could probably fit the figurine in too, and also a super ball
    [15:55] <Assmitten> Ok, I would totally subscribe to your camwhore channel
    [15:55] <Assmitten> HOTT MOUTH CRAMMERS
    [15:56] <Assmitten> PVT CHAT AVAILABLE

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  10. Oh Six Year Olds You Make Me Lol

    Just discovered that my kid’s panther, who is black and named “Inky,” is actually “Encheie.”

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